Reiki Accomplishes your Divine Purpose on Earth


Colleen Benelli Reiki literally wakes up our divine essence so we can see our spirit behind the veils. Every time we activate Reiki, we activate our spirit. Reiki highlights our divine essence within and gives it presence and voice. It clears the veils and removes old belief systems that cause the forgetting. It heals the limitations to remembering.

And when we give Reiki to others that is what it is doing in them as well. Every time we intentionally invite our spirit to wake up and be highlighted, we remember its presence even more. We allow our spirit to be active in our daily lives. We give it attention and focus on it and listen to its advice and guidance. We establish its purpose.

The Reiki symbols are all unique aspects of divine essence. When we are attuned to them, they naturally begin the healing process of the great forgetting by awakening our true divine life force. The Reiki symbols awaken the power of love, the divine mind and the divine heart. They connect us to the earth and to the Great Being of the Universe who shines on us and is our friend, and they connect us to the place of purity, where everything is pure light, pure love, pure joy, truth, beauty, grace, gratitude and wholeness, the place of our heart, the place of our spirit. The light of the earth and of God shines through our heart, and we remember that we are a treasure house of this great beaming light.

What I love about Reiki is that it will awaken all of this within us just by inviting it. It will do this if we are chopping wood, carrying water, doing dishes, watching tv, feeling sad or angry or happy and playing—whether we are praying and listening, or working hard and in our full busyness. Our divine presence is in our daily lives. It is not somewhere else. It is in everything we are doing, in every moment.

The difference is in the experience of ourselves. Mostly we would rather be feeling happy and joyful so we do the practices that help us be in that state of mind, but not always. Sometimes life doesn’t feel happy and joyful, and what I have learned from Reiki is that even in those times, we are all still divine spiritual beings.

I found that I am spirit no matter what. The Zen proverb “Before enlightenment chop wood, carry water, after enlightenment chop wood, carry water,” makes sense to me now. I can be my spiritual self in my daily life. I can do everything I already do, have all my relationships, be just the way I am and I can know my spirit at the same time. My spirit is not different than me, or only present when I act a certain way. My spirit is always me, no matter how I act or how I feel, or what I am doing. I can only be my divine presence on earth. It is who I am.

Reiki helps us remember and establish our divine presence here on earth. It seems that when we remember our true self, we are happier, more confident, we feel part of the world and have higher perspectives about our lives. To remember your spirit with Reiki, begin with your intention, invite the Reiki symbols and ask them to lift the veils of forgetting, then ask them to show you who you really are inside. It is really that simple. Reiki will highlight your divine presence so you can see it again. It will help you establish your spirit here on earth.

This content was written for an article first published in Reiki News Magazine.

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